I am Chas Mills Productions. 

Located in the beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia, our service reach includes all of the Coastal Empire and Low Country.  

About 20 years ago, I got started in photography because I had small kids in sports and like every parent, I didn't want to miss anything that they were doing.   Those times were Precious Memories for me and my two kids.  But, as my passions, skill, and opportunities grew, I started offering my services to other parents...so they too could have Precious Memories for their kids.  Maintaining that servant attitude is what has caused my business to grew into what it is today.

My legal business includes Productions (although I operate under Chas Mills Photography also), because I strive to "produce" quality work, both video and still photography.  Because you deserve more than some guy with a camera, I strive to create the most memorable experience for you...something you can cherish for a lifetime.

I am Primarily an Fine Art Portrait Photographer with interests in a few different areas.  My specialties are Individual Portraits, Themed Photography, (including special Cosplay and Renaissance Era Photo-art), Corporate Head-shots, and Model Portfolios.  And, I am known to have produced some quality Sports Montages as well. 

I really enjoy the one-to-one Photosessions, because it allows me to get to know the Customer, make them feel at ease, and achieve the results they desire.  My staff and I are dedicated to making sure you have the perfect experience and the best images.  I operate out of a home studio for in-studio portrait work, which keeps things simple but effective.   But, I do a ton of On-location and outdoor work as well.  My team includes Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, Wardrobe, and Videographers.   In short, having a home studio gives me the ability to get the job done, while keeping overhead low so that I only charge you for what is necessary.

Once we complete the interview, then the fun really begins.  From start to finish, you are involved in the entire creative process.    So, whether it's for a Senior Portrait, a Renaissance themed portrait, a standard Corporate or Model Head-shot, or a Sports Montage,  I am the Photographer that can get you the specific look you want and make all your dreams come true. 

So, give me a call and let's get you in front of our cameras, today.

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For those Athletes looking to do Sports Modeling, ask about our special Ambassador Program.  

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