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We have 3 styles of edits for your Heirloom Portraits.

Inspired by the old master renaissance painters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Caravaggio, among others, Painterly refers to an “inexact” category of photography, created in accordance with a creative vision using photography as a medium for that creative expression. The basic goal is that instead of capturing a realistic rendition of the subject, my work tries to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.

For me, Vintage is an old-Hollywood Style of Photography. Sometimes it includes Noir or just a simple, but elegant B/W Photograph, with soft lines and skin smoothing. It's designed to remind you of the time long since past where Elegance and Grace prevailed.

My Style of Modern Photography uses rich tones, and shadowing to illustrate my creative expressions. My prints are often in Black/White style with some silver or gold hues for a Modern--yet Vintage feel. It's my chance to make a statement, a little old meets new world styles.