Heirloom Portraits Pre-order Link
This is a pre-order for your Custom Heirloom Package.  Slightly different from just a regular booking, this pre-order is used as a down payment, or a partial payment to a booking, and/or when Specialty Wardrobe is required. Packages include Modern Fine Art, Vintage Hollywood, and Old-World Painterly Styles.  Special Discounts are included in the Pre-Order, which can be applied to the final Package.  As you may have seen from navigating our site, Heirloom Portraits are designed to be displayed over a mantelpiece and the styles represent a special memory that you want to display for a long time.  Because of this, we take pride in making sure your Heirloom Portraits are in the desired style and that it sets the correct mood.

Gala or Event Posing
As opposed to Print on Site, this Pre-order is used to secure your sitting/session fee at an Event or Gala.   After the session, you will receive an Email Link to your Images, which will be in a secured Gallery for the Event.  From that email, you will navigate to the events gallery, then select your favorite images to be stored in your private Gallery.  Then from there, you will be able to download your images directly to your device of choice.  Your gallery will remain perpetual and never expire.  So, if you schedule more Heirloom Portraits, we will be able to store all future images in your new gallery.



Pre-Order Specialty Posters and Sessions


Special Posters are Pre-Orders designed to Secure a Particular order for a Large Format Poster and Photo-session.  These are usually ordered by Sports Athletes but can also be ordered for Cosplay and other Specialty services.


Live Action Pre-order Link


Live Action Pre-Orders are Specific to Athletic Games or Events. These Pre-Orders allow you to book and secure your time for an Athletic Event.  I will then schedule your time for your event, show up and shoot the event for you.  This is pricing for Sports Events only. Actual images sold Separately.