Participation Information


For Individual Banners, Parents will pay Chas Mills Productions directly.  The Cost is $50 for the Sitting, Posing, Editing and Design. 

You have the option of paying Chas Mills Productions for the printing or you can secure Printing on your own once digital copies are delivered.  If you elect to have Chas Mills Productions secure printing, then the fee for Printing will be discussed prior to photography sessions and the costs will be divided among the individual participants (if more than one).  Please note that these images may be captured on location (at the School) or at Chas Studios (my garage studio in my home).  So, please coordinate and make arrangements in advance.  Coaches may be able to help in the coordination of events and the provision of uniforms.

For all other Non-banner Team Photos, Chas Mills Productions does NOT charge a Fee to participate, if a part of a Media School Day or School Sponsored Event

Your Athlete can participate in any Team or Individual Portraits conducted at the School at no charge; however, individual and team photos are sold separately at  The Standard Photos will include a full or half body, or just a headshot image.   These images will be uploaded into the Team Group Section of our website.  A general email will be sent to the Coaches and Athletes to make them aware of the upload.

Large Poster Green-screen sessions for non-senior, non-banner images will be conducted On-Demand only.  

I will send an email containing a Request for Poster Images prior to each Team Photo Session.  If you are interested in having a Large Poster made for your Athlete, then you will need to complete the form and pre-pay for that Poster.  Shooting options will be at Chas Studios.  I will not shoot Green Screen Poster Images for your Athlete without the completed Request for Poster Images document and the prepaid fee (half the cost of the poster $25).

Please visit to preview samples of the products we offer. When ordering, I have comprised many options into packages in an attempt to make your purchasing experience easier.  The most popular package begins at $24.99.  You can mix individual items with packages too, but mixing sometimes increases the cost of delivery.  Try to stay with the same printing vendor to avoid multiple "delivery charges."  For example, you may want to order the $24.99 package but also add three or four Round Pin Buttons to your order.  This is easy just add the package to your cart, continue shopping, select your new images, (then select Photo gifts) and make your choice to add to cart. 

Once at my site, peruse some of the other pages for Tutorials and Videos on “how to order.”

My web storage space is limited; therefore, the Team Galleries will only be available during that current season.  A few months after the season ends, the galleries will expire making room for the next sport.  I will send out notices of expiring galleries, so order early!

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you missed the opportunity to order any of last year's images, please call me at 912.604.3747 or email me at [email protected]

God Bless and I look forward to a wonderful new school year.