Ambassador ProgramSports Ambassador Information No matter what grade they are in, the countdown to their senior year has already begun.  These are special times and are your Precious Memories.  Now is the time to see your Athlete larger than life on a Sports Poster or in a Video Mini-production.  Now is the time to become a Sports Ambassador for Chas Mills Productions.

What is an Ambassador? 

For us, it means being a Sports Athletic Model for both Video and Advertising Marketing for my company. As an Ambassador, you can participate as a Sports Model for our Productions, ranging from Promotional Videos to Sports Posters. Each session will be detailed with specific lighting effects or Green-screen shots if created in my studio or production-style photo-sessions if done on location. This year we will be doing a ton of work to improve our market presence. And, we are looking for young Athletes in any sport with ages ranging from Middle School to Collegiate to participate. 

"What's in it for you," you ask? Well, as a Sports Ambassador, all of your sessions are free (no sitting Fees). And, you will be given a wide array of free digital copies for your Social Media (with identifiable branding for us).  You will also get reduced pricing on all print orders and in some cases a Free Paper Poster to display in your locker.


We're interested in you and we want to remove all the barriers of your excuses not to participate. So, what are you waiting for?

New to my website is the opportunity to sign up by clicking the Ambassador Program button.  Periodically, I will do a formal model call to all enrolled participants for a specific photo-session for a specific Sport. If you are interested after receiving the model call, then you can coordinate availability with me for the session. If you are selected for the session, then you may be asked to bring certain sports attire and/or equipment, or it may be provided for you. Understanding that most School Athletes have other commitments, we will be flexible with On-Location or Studio environments, and session times.

Minors and Females will need to be accompanied by a Parent and/or another adult for all sessions at all times; and a Model Release will be issued to all Parents. Only enrolled Athletes with a signed Model Release will be approved to participate in any Ambassador Photo Shoot. So make sure you get signed up soon. I will provide releases with the Model Call or you can obtain it by clicking the above link. 

The Ambassador Program is live; so check it out by clicking the link above. Fill out the form and click submit. That is all it takes.  Please provide your preferred sport, Jersey numbers for all sports, school or affiliations, age, and parental contact information on the form.

***Please note the Parent Info section.***
Minors must provide Parental Contact information as no agreement will be made with minors without Parental Consent. 

Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful year,